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If there’s one thing in my life I can go back and redo it go back to 1996 and say yes. In 1996 I just finish university and I graduated with a distinction in law. Had worked tirelessly for four whole years to get my degree. I missed out on parties events nights out with my friends and loads of experiences because I was so focused on getting my degree. At the time during my four years at university I had a study partner his name was Peter. Peter and I were kind of nerdy. We were so fascinated by law and in love with the idea of being able to change lives and have the power to do good with our education. Peter was pretty much the only person I spend time with at university. Whilst everyone else was out partying with cheap London escorts we were stuck in study hall until early hours of the morning reading books.  

The funny thing is right now neither of us study or practice law I actually work for london escorts. After university both Peter and I went home to our hometown. I went back to London to work with cheap london escorts and he went back to Cornwall. Before we graduated Peter and I were putting together the last part of our dissertation. All month we’d heard about everyone partying with london escorts and hooking up and enjoying their last couple of weeks at university. At the time of night when I brains were getting tired Peter and I would just sit and chat and that night as we finished our dissertation we started talking about our time at university. We touched on subjects like what we had missed out on but also how accomplished we felt for finishing our dissertation to the highest standard we could. Unbeknown to myself Peter had snuck in a bottle of red wine he said he had been saving it for this moment where we can finally have a drink together and let our hair down. Needless to say we got pretty drunk and sprawled out on the library floor talking about our dreams. Then there was that magical moment where Peter looked into my eyes and I looked into his there was a magnetic force between us drawing us closer together but I broke my eye contact and pulled away.  

We kept in contact once we returned back to our hometown after graduation. We talked about our experience together university but neither of us dared mention that night in the library. I was dying to bring it up and just ask him would have kiss me back would we be together now. I’m really enjoying my life here in London and working for London escorts but I can’t help but think how happy would I’ve been if we were together. I think about pizza and my time at university every day I’ve been talk about it to some of my clients at London escorts. I’ve not had any serious boyfriends since leaving university I don’t know I guess I’m just still hoping Peter and I would find each other.